Seabuckthorn Extract

Seabuckthorn Extract

Wild seabuckthorn berries are processed directly to saw juice and it is national and unpolluted, at the same time, it still contains rich nutritional components that people need, such as vitamins, minimal and amino acids and so on. Seabuckthorn berries juice is yellow color and has fruit fragrance and higher acid degree. The main physical and chemical index is as followed:
Total soluble solid content ≥12%,
Total acid (calculated as Malic Acid) ≥3%
Vitamin C≥200 mg/100g

Seabuckthorn berry enriches nutritional components and contains total soluble sugar (totally fructose and glucose), organic acid and various vitamins, for example carotene, VC, VE, VB1, VB2 etc. Raw juice still contains many kinds of microelements and 18 kinds of amino acids people needed. Seabuckthorn berries juice has more assorted nutrition than that of other fruit trees. It is a great source of vitamin C, with up to several ten times as much as general fruits. The content of vitamin E is the top of all fruits. These nutriments are prone to absorb for people. According to recordation in Chinese traditional medicine dictionary, it has tremendous potential for treating a wide ranges of conditions, including flourishing blood, stomachic and preventing thirsty.
Seabuckthorn berries juice is unpolluted during the manufacture and process and belongs to green products truly.
Usage and guidelines:
1 Seabuckthorn fruit juice can be used in taken orally liquid that has effects on resisting fatigue, promoting growth, and fruit beverage and fruit tea etc.
2 Producing Jam, jelly and so on.
3 Be used in producing ice cream
4 Ferment to produce seabuckthorn fruit wine
5 Ferment to produce Seabuckthorn vinegar and vinegar beverage
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Product Origin:  China
Model Number:  we have a very large output to meet our customers' big and continual orders.
Brand Name:  OHI

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