Sesamin-Sesame Seed Lignan

Sesamin-Sesame Seed Lignan

Sesamin--Black Sesame Extract Sesamum indicum L

Sesamin Herb Source
Sesamum indicum L. Zanthoxylum acanthapodium var. villosum Huang. Piper longum
Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight
Melting Point:122 -123
Assay: ≥99%
Solubility:sesamin Freely soluble in chloroform-benzene-acetic acid and acetone.
Sesamin Pharmacology
1.      Antioxidant: Sesamin helps protect blood vessels by scavenging free radicals and ensuring efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery for healthy brain function.
2.      Bactericide
3.      Insecticide
4.      Decreasing fat storage 
5.      Antihypertensive: Sesamin induces nitric oxide and decreases endothelin-1 production in HUVECs, possible implications for its antihypertensive effect.
6.      Provide liver protection against alcohol and improve liver function:Sesamin is a non-competitive inhibitor of Δ5-desaturase, It inhibits the conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid, and consequently decreases the formation of proinflammatory 2-series prostaglandins.
7.      Decrease cholesterol levels, while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL aka "good cholesterol") levels
8.      Be an anti-inflammatory
9.      Skin problem: The experiments in rats shows that sesamin can inhibit the growth of SC (skin cancer) cell. It can protect skin from UV rays.
Bio-samin The best Sesamin you can trust
Our sesame oil is pressed from 100% natural black sesame seed without any impurity.
Sesamin—Famous company pay attention to
  • Suntory Ltd (Japan)
    • Protect Liver , anti-cancer 
  • Scvition (USA)
    • Maximize Fat Loss , Promote Liver and Kidney Health 
  • Singapore Cerebos Pacific (Brands)
    • Protect Liver, Anti-Oxidant , Antihypertensive
Bio-samin—OHI's pride
  • Based on the expectable brilliant future of Sesamin and the going up market of Sesamin, OHI started to research and develop Sesamin in October, 2002.
  • OHI put sesamin into industrial scale production in February, 2003 with thanks to the hard work and intelligence of OHI’s R&D people.
  • Advanced technology and equipment are applied in our manufacturing process.
  • OHI sign up with Shaoyang city government to crop 30,000 hectares black sesame.
  • OHI has its own in-house lab to analysis Sesamin by HPLC

Sesamin—experimenting in animals and humans

1.      The effects of sesamin, a lignan from sesame oil, on various aspects of cholesterol metabolism were examined in rats maintained on various dietary regimens.
N Hirose, T Inoue, K Nishihara, M Sugano, K Akimoto, S Shimizu and H Yamada Laboratory of Nutrition Chemistry, Kyushu University School of Agriculture, Fukuoka, Japan
2.      Suntory, NTT West, Kyoto Hospital
Jointly Confirm Sesamin Helps Reduce Blood Pressure, Leading Japanese beverage
manufacturer Suntory announced on August 26
3.      Suntory Health Care Science Laboratory (Shimamoto Town, Osaka Prefecture), together with Prof. Kanae Yamashita of Sugiyama Jogakuen University, has confirmed the effectiveness of sesamin, one of the major lignan compounds contained in sesame, for preventing skin troubles from ultraviolet (UV) rays by increasing the concentration of tocotrienol, a homolog of vitamin E, in the skin.
Why Organic Herb Inc. Sesamin:
  • A.) Organic Herb Inc. Sesamin is 100% extracted from natural sesame seed oil very safe and more bioactive.
  • B.) Organic Herb Inc. have the most purity Sesamin, Our Sesamin is a 99% purity product tested by HPLC and just one peak on HPLC chromatogram.
  • C.) Organic Herb Inc. Sesamin almost have no unpleasant taste compare to other Sesamin and it can be easier to take by oral.
  • D.) Organic Herb Inc. offer Sesamin at a very lower price with a very high and uniform quality.
  • E.) More important --- we have a very large output to meet our customers' big and continual orders.

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Product Origin: China
Model Number: we have a very large output to meet our customers' big and continual orders.
Brand Name: OHI

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