Pomegranate Extract Punicalagin A + B Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate Extract Punicalagin A + B Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate Peel (Husk) Extract, Pomegranate Seed Extract

Botanical Original: Punica Granatum L.
Used Part: Fruit hull, Peel, Rind, seed
Specification (Active ingredient & Assay):
  • Punicalagins (Punicalagin A + B or α+ β) 40% by HPLC
  • Ellagic Acid
  • Polyphenols 40%, 80% by UV
Brief introduction:
Pomegranate polyphenols is extracted from pomegranate fruit husk and seed, it contains ellagic acid, punicalagins (Punicalagin α+ β) which is called punicosides and other etc phenolic compounds. The punicalagins (so called punicosides) and ellagic acid are two major antioxidants found in pomegranate, The punicalagins mainly exists in pomegranate seed, and ellagic acid mainly in pomegranate peel. they both belong to pomegranate extract polyphenols.
1.      Polyphenols Content  
2.      Ellagitannins Content  
3.      Ellagic Acid  Content
4.      Punicalagins Content
5.      Anthocyanin Content
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