Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate Brown seaweed extract Laminaria japonica Aresch 1. In food industry

As a stabilizer of ice cream replacing starch and carrageenan ,Sodium Alginate
can avoid of ice crystal and make the product tasty .
It also applies to the mixed drinks, such as ice lolly , iced fruit juice and
iced milk , etc.

When adding some into dairy products like refined cheese, canned cream and dry
cheese ,the final product will not stick to the package . Moreover , Sodium
Alginate can keep the product fine and avoid of spliting open if it is used
as a cover of milky food .
b: Thickener and emulsion hickener and emulsion
Sodium Alginate can raise the product's stabilization and decrease the liquid
out when it is used in sala( a cold dish )flavoring, pudding( a sweet pstry )
jam, tomato ketchup and the canned products .
c: Hydration
Sodium Alginate will make noodle , vermicelli or ice powder have a strong
cohesiveness, pulling , bending and reduce breaking , special suitable in the
less gluten content of wheat flour . SODIUM Alginate also can equal the
products' internal form and hold water so that it can be kept for a long time .
Adding some into iced sweet products, Sodium Alginate will come into being a
protecting cover against heated quickly , and it can quiken the flavor sending
forth, raise melting point of the products .
d: Coacervation
Sodium Alginate suits to make kinds of gel product ,which can be kept the fine
state, conleakge and contraction . So it also fits iced products and man - made produds.Using this specific propety, it can be used as
a cover for fruit, meat and seaweed produds away from air and keep it stored
longer . In addition , it also can be used as the sugar coating of bread, the
cover of filling and cake and the auto-coagulant of canned food , which will
not change in high/low temperature and acid conditions .

It also can replace carrageenan to make a crystal son sugar , elastic ,
unsticky , transparent .
2.In medical industry
a. dental impression material
In the past dental impression material mainly used by the mixture of rubber
and plaster . Recently it has been replaced by Sodium Alginate material .
This material operates easily and the marks of printing accurately . Sodium Alginate material and Coagulant packed seperately . When using, mix them with water , them
a few minitutes after a coagulum will come into being .
b. Hemostatic
The solution of Sodium Alginate will have a wadding sediment , which molecular structure is like thread . Making use of this mechanism , Sodium Alginate can
be made into all kinds of hemostatic, such as hemostic
gauze , hemostic cotton , scald gauze , spraying hemostatic , ect .
c. Preventing and exclusion from radioactive harmful metals
Sodium Algiante has a pecial function of exchanging for some elements .
It not only can preventing from absorbing strontium but also have a cenain
treatment against them. Taking some Sodium Alginate before or after
absorbing strontium , then the radioactive element will be absorbed quickly
and be drained away.
d. Salve , tablet and drugs
Using of the thickener and coacervation , Sodium Alginate can be made into all
kinds of additive of medicines , such as Sulphur Paste mixed by Sodium Alginate
and wool oil which can treat skin disease . Sodium Alginate can be mixed with sulphanilamide into eye ointment or with benzene mercury acetate into
contraceptive jelly . If Sodium Alginate used as capsule for intestines , it
can cause the medicine staying and absorbing longer in the intestines then have
a good curative effect.
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