Goldenrod Extract

Goldenrod Extract

Historically, goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea), also called European goldenrod, has been used topically for wound healing. In fact, the name Solidago means "to make whole."

In traditional medical practices, goldenrod has been used to treat tuberculosis, diabetes, enlargement of the liver, gout, hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, asthma, and rheumatic illnesses (disorders of the muscles and joints). Topical preparations of goldenrod are used in folk medicine to treat inflammation of the mouth and throat as well as slow-healing wounds.
Today, goldenrod is primarily used as an aquaretic agent, meaning that it promotes the loss of water from the body (as compared to a diuretic, which promotes the loss of both water and electrolytes such as salt). It is used frequently in Europe to treat urinary tract inflammation and to prevent or treat kidney stones. In fact, goldenrod is commonly found in teas (typically with other herbs including uva ursi) to help "flush out" kidney stones and alleviate inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.
Laboratory studies have found that active compounds in goldenrod help reduce inflammation, relieve muscle spasms, and lower blood pressure. Some studies also suggest that it may have antioxidant effects. This herb has not been extensively studied in people. 
Plant Description
Because goldenrod has an unusual ability to crossbreed with other plants, there are at least 130 recognizable species of goldenrod in the United States alone. This herb is native to Europe and has spread to Asia, the Azores, and both North and South America.
European goldenrod is a perennial often found along roadsides and in open fields with single woody stems that grow to heights of 3 to 7 feet. Its yellow flowers, which generally appear in August and September, are only about ¼-inch wide but come in large clusters. Leaves alternate between toothed and smooth edges.
Contrary to popular belief, goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Its pollen grains, which are meant to be carried by insects, are much heavier than those of ragweed and other plants with airborne pollens that may be associated with allergies or hay fever.

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