Shitake Mushroom Extract

COMMON NAME : Shiitake Mycelia extract, lentinus edodes mycelia extract

LATIN NAME : Lentinus edodes

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES : a new peptidomannan, KS-2 a water solubilized lignin derivative, EPS-3
DESCRIPTION : The Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) grows on the trunks or stumps of trees. The extract of shiitake is a fine tan powder.
BIOCHEMISTRY : The proteins contain all of the essential amino acids, and most commonly occurring non-essential amino acids and amides. The fatty acids are largely unsaturated, and shiitake are rich in vitamins and minerals. Key therapeutic substances are glucans, a major constituent of the cell walls. Shiitake yields Lentinan, a beta-1,3-linked glucan polysaccharide with a molecular weight of 1 million.
PHYSIOLOGY : The b-1,3-glucan Lentinan reversed tumor growth when injected in mice. It acts by stimulating the immune system, rather than by direct action on the tumor. Because of its large molecular size, Lentinan is not absorbed efficiently when taken orally, but some is absorbed. Lentinan activates the alternative complement pathway, stimulating the macrophages, thus inhibiting tumor growth. It also may activate interleukin-1 secretion, which helps trigger T lymphocytes. Shiitake is believed to stimulate interferon production. Shiitake significantly inhibited the toxic immunosuppressive effects of cancer drugs such as cyclocy-tidine, when taken with them. Lentinan restores impaired enzyme activity of X-proline-dipeptidyl-aminopeptidase in the serum of mice with tumors. Eritadenine, a purine alkaloid from shiitake, is similar to nucleotides in structure, and
lowers cholesterol in animal studies.
PROCESSING : The high KS-2 extract is produced by liquid culture fermentation of Lentinus edodes mycelia, separation of the mycelia by centrifuge, hot water extraction at 90½C., alcohol precipitation of the water extract, centrifuge separation of the alcohol precipitate, and evaporation under vacuum. The high KS-2 extract is a 28:1 concentration; one gram of extract is equivalent to 28 grams of dried shiitake mycelia.
• high cholesterol
• diseases of the liver such as hepatitis-B and cirrhosis
• general immune response support
• diabetes (for high cholesterol)
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